Wednesday, February 20, 2008

From the Community


Hillside Civic Theater wants all community members to audition for our newest production.


Notes from Director:
I do not want you to show up dressed like a damn cat. However, if you would like to move around like a cat, that's ok. People with cat allergies are welcome to audition. We are not using real cats. We are dressing people up as cats - after the auditions. I SWEAR TO GOD IF I SEE WHISKERS ON YOUR FACE...also no need to add "meowing" or "purring" to your audition songs. That brings me to my next subject: I don't want to hear songs about your cats or stories about your cats or how your damn cat is an excellent source for your creativity. I just want to hear the damn song and get on with my life. Thank you.
- Judge Hank Miller

Please bring 2 songs, 16 bars each.
Dress to move.
Lord have mercy on us.

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