Sunday, February 17, 2008

Theatre Etiquette

On the subject of "Thinking Forward."

There are a few busy bodies that want to revitalize the avant-garde nonsense of the 1960s. Yes, but they try to dress it up in modern bells and whistles. These folk don't realize that my generation spent countless hours trying to revitalize the 1950s. What is the difference between these two decades? Dignity.
As we "Think Forward" about the theatrical arts, we must consider the consequences of our little actions. To some, theatre has become this nasty orgy of intellectual thought and heathen poetry. Grotowski and Artaud have brought this mud into our home. They have stampeded on our beliefs and heritage.
I went to an interesting, ahem, event the other were $15....there was a student rate of $10....I thought it was a joke, you know, like Jerry Herman telling people that he's straight. It turns out that the producers set that price to allow poor people into the play. It got worse from there. The play was about the war in Iraq. I mean, am I really supposed to be bothered with the Iraq war while I'm attending the theatre?
On another note, I attended a wonderful performance of Death of a Salesman. It was edited and shortened to one act. I even enjoyed the musical numbers in the last scene.
My sweets, we must disregard this "Think Forward" movement as a trend or fad - see "Global Warming." I am attending theatre to display my rank, not to - how shall I say this nicely - "experience" the Sears Fall Catalog.

- M. M.

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Anonymous said...

i find your subtle (but not) wit and intellectual jabs at theatre very enticing. brilliant.