Tuesday, March 18, 2008

High School Drama News | Black and White and (Bled) All Over

Miller High School Gazette

Mr. Henry Bingle, drama teacher and faculty sponsor for the forensics debate team, announced that Miller Lions quarterback Andy Benson has accepted the role of King Lear in King Lear. This will be Mr. Benson's first time on the stage, but not his first role. Mr. Benson was an angel in his church's easter production Death of a Savior (but Not Really Cause Jesus Came Back to Life).
Audiences will be delighted to see a new production of Shakespeare's classic with urban street language. Mr. Bingle warns people with epilepsy that there will be a strobe light in most of the scenes. Those epileptic audience members are welcomed to stay and listen to the musical numbers which were written by Miley Cyrus.

Performances are Thursday through Friday on the Tom Green Cafeteria Stage.

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