Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Drama News | Black and White and (Bled) All Over

Group Seeks to Rename "Thrust Stage."

The American Society for Euphemisms has deemed that the aggressive name and phallic shape of the "thrust stage"are foul and unsightly and will most likely create sexual deviants. They are seeking legal action against Gustavo Miriam, the creator of the stage. The ASE would prefer the names "forward positioned stage" or the "not quite theater in the round but close enough stage." Gustavo Miriam refuses to change the name, citing that his original intent was to "penetrate the audience." The ASE also doesn't like the word penetrate.
This news item comes at a time when a new study says this stage design is why theater professionals are constantly horny. Theater professionals could not be reached for a comment...probably because they were entangled in one giant orgy of sweat and dialects....

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