Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Performing Artists that Need Food

You can help save a life!
Ignite Theatre Company has created the Feed an Artist program. Each month we'll select a different artist, tell you where to feed the artist, and tell you what to feed the artist. We are not accepting donations. We're too lazy to go to the grocery store ourselves. The point is that if you're in the Denton area and you have a leftover sandwich or you can't finish your pizza, then we have a starving artist for you.

Kenny Larson - 35 Y.O.

Kenny is an Elvis impersonator in Denton, and it's been a long time since he's received a paid gig. (The recession has hit Elvis impersonators the hardest.) He likes donuts, Frosties, cream cheese, and fries. If you're eating in Denton Square and Kenny happens to pass you in his sequenced jumpsuit, please extend some gratitude.

God bless your souls. Thank you.

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