Friday, March 21, 2008

Drama News | Black and White and (Bled) All Over

Saved by the Bell Star Directs Bard

Dustin Diamond will direct Midsummer's Night's Dream on film for his self-owned production company Screech Screen. This is the same company that has produced over 30 adult films starring the former teen star. This new project will star Diamond, his girlfriend Lana, the guy who runs the corner store, some homeless people, and Elizabeth Berkley's former agent.
"I just think I'm ready to step up my role in Hollywood," said Diamond from his one bedroom apartment. "Most people know that I'm ambitious, and I think the timing is right. My [sex] tape sold 1 million copies. 1 million copies. People are yearning for me." A recent Gillup poll says no one is yearning for Diamond.
The film is currently in pre-production and set to be released straight to video in 7 days...

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