Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Colorado Court Bans Smoking in Plays

(Daniel Radcliffe enjoying a Hufflepuff)

You can't get your tobacco fix on stage, says a panel in the heated Denver case. Actors, notoriously addicted to several things including cigarettes, will have to find other excuses to smoke up. Smoking on stage violates a "no smoking indoors" law. The court said that actors can use herbal cigarettes, but there are several disappointed actors that feel they can no longer get into character without the "sweet goodness." Some have tried using the patch, but it is not the same.
"It's like someone killed Santa Claus," said actress Dorothy Miles. "I'm leaving the biz to become a bartender." Other actors point their fingers at the cast of Asthma: The Shortwinded Musical. Those cast members have declined to comment on their involvement in the court hearings.
Does this conflict with our first amendment right? The court says no. Is it god damn ridiculous that we're in the most stressful job and can't get a cig on stage? Hell yes. More info to come on this breaking news.

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