Friday, July 25, 2008

Audition Resume Tips

Ignite's Facebook page has amassed some great tips for auditions. These are real people from around the country, and they have some spot-on insights! I don't think it would hurt to glance over these tips, even if you're a seasoned professional. Some more tips after the jump.

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I want to focus on the actor's resume. Now, your actual audition is the most important part, but a weak resume can hurt you. Directors & casting agents, like most employers, want a resume that's easy to read. So, follow these tips to be professional!

1) Type your name in a large font-size. No need to be modest! When your resume is filed (or flung onto a desk of 100 other resumes), you want the casting director to find it easily. She'll see Jim Barnett in bold print, and you're saved.

2) Put a professional-sounding email. Not The best email address has your name. If you're an actor with a website, use your webmaster name. That way it's

3) Speaking of... I think an actor should have a website to put on their resume. Web 2.0 is the new generation of promotion. If a casting director has the time (probably not...but maybe), they could go to your site and check out your production demos, elaborate stage history, production photos, mission statements, etc. the list goes on! (click here to read more about starting your own acting website.)

4) In case you were need to put references.

5) Copywriters have a good way of handling Headers and Main Content. The headers on your resume (like Theatre or Film or Education) should be a larger font with a serif. The best serif is Times New Roman or Georgia.

Your main content (like your specific productions etc.) should be in a smaller sans-serif font.The best sans-serif font is Arial.

Of course, you don't have to be a stickler. This post is written in Georgia font...and serifs are the most legible. The sans-serif will give the main content (which can be heavy) a more spacious look.

6) Never put your address!!! Do put your measurements, email address, website, and contact phone number, production history, and education. Everything else is TMI! What if the casting director throws away your resume? Did they shred it? Did they forget? Do you really want to risk it? No personal info!

These seem like nit-picky things...but you'd be surprised how many unprofessional resumes exist in the world. Don't get overlooked for a bad resume!

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