Friday, July 18, 2008

Eggs in 1 basket?

Your career does not rest on one audition. As an actor, I hate auditioning. I even find it more stressful than an actual performance. Why? I think because there's an undeniable rejection in auditions. You might be sent home early, or you're not called back. The part is lost. The career, on the other hand, is not.

Don't think you're putting all your eggs in 1 basket. Of course you'll need breathing exercises and preparation to survive an audition. If you get rejected, it hurts. It's no reason to quit. Move on to the next audition.

Schedule several auditions near each other. If you don't have another audition scheduled, it's going to be more work to motivate yourself.

Up your odds!
Prepared actors know more than their audition material.
  • Research the play; make sure there's a part for you. Think type, age, chemistry. (That's right, start thinking about the world of the play. Is there a type of actor that compliments you? If you think, you won't be less surprised when coupled with other auditioners.)
  • Research the director. The internet allows you to search for any articles or reviews about the director and her work. Analyze casting choices, concepts, etc.
  • Research the theatre. The artistic director choose the play for a particular reason. Ask Why
Besides being competitive, you don't want to waste your time. In the past, maybe you didn't understand enough about the director or theatre. I saw a director cast, in three different productions, a female Hamlet, Emcee (Cabaret), and Richard III. Strong male leads probably wasted their time at her auditions.

Talent does not come to a person on a whim. The best actors don't think, "What if I'm no longer talented?" Pff. If you get rejected from several auditions, the next step maybe isn't more auditions. Go to psychology books for behavior research, learn new dialects or skills (reading music is good), or take an acting class.

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