Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sign the Dotted Line

Universities need classes about the legal side of theatre. Negotiating a contract can be a tricky thing, especially when there's a producer in the process. I think there's some good articles online, but it's not an adequate education in entertainment law.

And adequate doesn't mean you're a lawyer afterwards. It just means that you won't be surprised. In my four years of college no one explained an equity contract to me. Luckily, I had some friends who just plunged into the local acting scene, and they have taught me a few things.

It wouldn't be a hard class to construct. The acting professor, a good one, should have experience to draw from. After that, the professor could find a text. I know there's a book on the legal side of playwriting. I'm sure there's one on acting.

Oh, look. I found one. It's a book about contracts for film and television, but that is where an actor will see more complicated contracts.

I would find an entertainment lawyer who is willing to share some information, or visit instructors at your college of law. Although, I still think it's the school's responsibility to give you a complete education of the acting world.

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