Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lessons from Game Show Hell

So, I think there's a lesson in Drew Carey's new stint on "The Price is Right." Is it an honor to succeed Bob Barker? Sure, in a way. Was it the best move for Drew Carey? I can't fully grasp his motives, but I can see what's happened.

He's in game show hell.

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Other actors have preceeded Mr. Carey's arrival. Richard Karn, that bearded guy from Home Improvement. Bob Sagat, the surprisingly dirty mouth comedian who became less famous than the child stars on his show. Howie Mandel, what was the name of that cartoon? Oh yes, "Bobby's World." Oh yes, him. His show is popular, but it is still game show hell.

These men aren't hosts like Barker or Trebec, but they need work. Now, instead of waiting for their golden opportunity, they took their first opportunity.

"The Price is Right" features can goods and couches presented by beautiful women and won through bidding and a giant wheel (we love giant wheels), and then there's that guy who hosts the show.... I love the show, but any schmuck with charm could do Mr. Carey's job. Drew Carey, Norm McDonald, Regis Philbin, Carrot Top... I don't care who introduces Plinko, I just want to see some overweight trucker drop that chip!

Show business makes us overly eager to nab an opportunity. We see other actors make god awful decisions, and then we repeat their stupidity. Drew Carey had his own show, and it was popular. Then he was the host on a show with people funnier than him (Wayne Brady). Drew Carey probably thought the press coverage of his succession would nudge him up from the D list.

A little contemplation would have predicted his ticket to game show hell.

There are some actors that just have small scars on their records, but there are others with fatal wounds. Don't be the latter. Wait for the best opportunity for your career.

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