Friday, September 12, 2008

B Job (No, not that kind...)

Many actors will get out of college and go straight for jobs in theatre and film. Some actors will grab a few jobs, but nothing that pays the bills. You're starring in South Pacific, but your stipend is only $150 a week (definitely not enough.)

Some will survive on their B job. This is your day job that creates stability in your income flow. Some people hate getting stuck as a waiter or insurance salesperson. After all, you want to stay close to your main business.

Here are some tips on B jobs that pay.


Do voice work. Businesses need actors to narrate their radio and television ads. Open up your acting textbook (Mine was The Actor Speaks by Patsy Rodenberg.) Create a demo and start contacting local agents. You can also do voice work for cartoons if a company like Funamation is located near you, which won't require an agent.

Swallow Your Pride. There are jobs out there for actors, but they aren't the most artistic gigs. You're going to be a model at car shows, a giraffe on stilts, or a singer at a hotel. There are agencies that contract actors for this wide array of jobs. Find them! Dallas has at least three: All Star Entertainment, Eclipse Entertainment, and Keith and Margo's Murder Mysteries.

Try a Different Job in Theatre. This is also a good way to make connections with theatres, which is important. Some theatres like hiring familiar faces because they don't want risk on new actors. Most theatre programs will have trained you in scene building, crewing, ushering, electrics, etc. Use those skills to get a more stable job with better pay!

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