Monday, September 15, 2008

Script Development. Who's involved?

In film, you have a story creator, story editor, screenwriter, director, producer, executive producer, studio, etc. etc. And they all have control of the script development.

The avalanche of jobs is scary - maybe even naseauting - but we still have some amazing films. Too many people can ruin something that needs to be simple. If you didn't like "Hancock," it's because the executive producer changed the script at the last minute. Before that change, Hancock was the only superhero in the film. Then....he wasn't.

In theatre, most often the development and production processes are separated. Most theatres will produce a script that another theatre developed. This can have its benefits. The theatre isn't gambling with a untested script. The script or playwright might have marketing benefits if either is well known.

Some theatres like dabbling in development, producing 6 already-developed plays and 2 undeveloped plays...

Would it be really daring if a theatre only produced new work? Of course, not just any season of new scripts, but plays that were good... You know, good? Well, I think it would be a valuable gamble.

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