Monday, October 13, 2008

The Connections Project

Ignite would like to introduce the Connections Project. We're going to be talking to people across the country about several topics in theatre. We're going to start with one person, Adam Melberth, from Chicago, and we'll build from there.

You'll see a question posted on Monday from either Adam or myself, Michael. This week I'll be asking the question. Adam will answer on Wednesday, sharing his experiences in Chicago as an actor and a writer. Then I will respond on Friday. We'll then switch roles, and continue to do this every week.

I want to begin by introducing Adam to you. He's a great guy alone for joining this project, but he's also perfect for the job. He's young, a blogger, and a new voice in theatre. He's accomplished many things such as national tours with bands, writing for nationally distributed magazines and many theatre credits to his name. In other words, he knows what he's talking about.

You can learn more about Adam at his site

I met Adam through Craig's List in the talent section. This is an important detail because it'll bring us to our first question:

Do you post/answer theater ads on craigslist, and does the quality of production/talent received seem to differ?

Join us Wednesday for Adam's response.

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