Tuesday, November 18, 2008

At Least, You Can't Replace Bloggers (Yet)


So, this question is more lighthearted. In honor of Wall-E coming out today, I'd like to visit the possibility of replacing actors with 3D generated characters. The pic to the left is a computer rendering.

My costume/makeup theatre professor always ranted that it's possible. You know, while I'm against the idea, I still think it it's plausible. After all, the new Need for Speed: Undercover commercial (below) shows the most realistic live renderings. Production companies love 3D characters for ease of product development. Plus, some of the most successful films were these 3D ventures.

Here are some Qs:

So, would you play a robot? And do you think it's possible that this will dominate the industry, or at least start to inspire producers/writers to develop the field beyond the Family genre? Is that a bad thing to have 3D films in the majority?


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