Friday, November 7, 2008

Beyond Just Money

Yeah, I completely agree with Adam. There are means to solve financial challenges, and the education or the choice to skip will both define your experience in this career.

I like how you mentioned conservatory programs like Anne Bogart's viewpoints and Suzuki workshops at the SITI company. There are tons of these programs across the country.

I think we should also talk about this decision in terms of your craft. I'd say go out into the real world. Audition, audition, audition. Start to observe your strengths and weaknesses. Are you getting overlooked for some parts, or are you developing a niche?

You really can't benefit from an MFA until you make the best assessment of your acting ability. What needs to be improved? Once you answer that question, you can figure out if you need the program.

If you're auditioning and getting cast, then you probably are ok. You might instead think about improving your special skills list. I had an actor learn silk climbing, fire breathing, and magic. Is it necessary that we improve those little skills too? Not necessarily, but he did just perform in Barnum where he needed all 3 of those skills. You don't have to go that extreme; maybe voice or dance lessons can expand the number of parts for you.

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