Thursday, November 20, 2008

Cartoon Network Got Old


I completely understand the idea of using 3D animation instead of actual film. No location scouts, camera operators, weather, snooty actors who won't come out of their trailers are great things, BUT, there are designers, animators, sound engineers, inkers, color artists to deal with on the other side of the fence. The unpredictable elements are taken away but the entire cast of people to employ is just as large if not larger. So I don't see an overwhelming amount of points on the plus side of 3D films that would cause people to stop using real actors.

As far as getting these types of films outside the family genre, they kind of already are. These family films already have jokes and subject matter built into them so the parents are entertained as well as their kids. Other than that I can only think of one example and this title should be enough to show that we're still a long way out from 3D dominating the box office: Beowulf. (yikes)

I would definitely love to do voice acting for a fun film in the animated genre. I feel that passionate actor's want to play a wide variety of characters and it's a rare chance that you get to play a radioactive bug from outer space that windsurfs on cosmic rays (I jest, but I bet this is being greenlit at FOX right now). So set me in front of the mic and give me my own action figure, but expect me to go back in front of the camera on the next project because I'm pretty sure the skin and bones actors are here to stay.

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