Monday, November 10, 2008



I mentioned in my last post that for a time I concentrated on the life of a musician for quite some time. In a perfect world I would have an acting and music career that I could bounce back and forth between, but that is an almost impossible task due to the fact that a musician's life is very similar to an actor's in many ways mostly in the form of time commitment.

Both require a good amount of monetary investment.
Both require hours of rehearsal.
Both want you for weekend performances or tours.

Obviously some people have done it but for a young actor/musician starting out, it's almost impossible. Not only do those passions require time, but I enjoy writing, stand-up, DJing and many other creative activities.

This all leads to the question:

Do you have to close some doors to open other ones? Is it better to focus on one thing or does each activity enhance another?


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