Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jack of All Trades, Master of None.... Whatever, I'm Master of the Universe


My first reaction to your question was: in this business, we're all used to spreading our energies into separate projects in different capacities. Elaine Stritch has a great story about her understudying Ethel Merman in New York while juggling a lead role in New Haven (or somewhere not so close).

Right now, I'm trying to develop an entire social networking site for Dallas while producing a benefit show in Christmas and keeping Ignite on track for its January production (plus its new web series.) And these projects are like children. You love them all, but one child has more needs than the other two. The other one might suffer a little, but you'll then have to switch gears to address that child's needs.

Eventually every project will yield a result. Pursuing a career as a musician and as an actor will give two different products. The fruition of a social network and two productions are three different products. What's going to happen after a concert, a production, a gallery opening, every time we post these blogs? If it's something that makes us happy, then rock on. That's awesome. It was worth all that stress and time.

There are always lessons to be learned whether you do five things or just act. So, don't do things just to learn; do it because you want to create something in your life.


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